GX7 Lens Review on DxO

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Re: GX7 Lens Review on DxO, Perception!

Ultbruin wrote:

The comparison is between the GX7 and E-M1 which understandably is not as good. However, when you dig deeper and compare to the GH3, GX7 still scores lower on respective lenses.



So what is Dxo telling us then if they are to be believed? It is that the 14-140 lens on a GX7 performs perceptibly more like an "ideal 4mp sensor", LOL! or that you lose 12mp to the lens-sensor combination of GX7 and 14-140, not very encouraging. Now, go and look at real world comparisons and you'll be hard pressed to see the difference between a 24mp Nikon d7100 and a GX7 with most lens, including the 14-140.

I think they use the word percieved-perception a bit too loosely and it would be nice to see them substantiate their comments-conclusions with some real samples of an ideal 4mp sensor and the GX7 with 14-140? Should not be too difficult?

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