This article should be read by everybody

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Re: This article should be read by everybody

Look at the picture, not the pixels

Ok enough people have read the article....Whether or not it corresponds to real life results, that is with photographers,- not a chemist/physicist/psychic or reviewer to conclude.

As you write..'look at the picture, not the pixels..well lets see some a77 shots.  They could be at 50iso,doesn't matter to me... Show everyone why you like the a77- not why everyone should embrace 'mathematical proofs'.

The a65 is still a better overall camera, the a77 only has lens adjustment features because its focusing system sucks monkey bal*s.  The a55 makes the a77 look like an overworked piece of nonsense too. hahahah-Just kidding on this paragraph.

*If you drop sharpness in jpeg settings, the a65 has exactly the same noise performance perhaps better than the a77's(with jpegs). It has higher resolution at default and lowering sharpness doesn't make an image soft at all.

Check the a65 and a77 raw files here at 1600/3200/6400 iso.-They are exactly the same.

a55/a65/a77/a57/a58a100/a35/a99/a37/a580....all nice cameras. Thanks-have a great safe holiday season and i am looking forward to some shots from your new a77.-brian

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