Is Thom Hogan correct?

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Re: Is Thom Hogan correct?

tissunique wrote:

In essense, he is right. But don't think that the DF is wrong as a retro stab at the market except that it is flawed.

a) No he's not right, in essence or otherwise.  The D700 update already happened in the form of the D800, and later the D600.  The insistence by some that the D700 was a special kind of camera that provided functionality and performance that the D800/D600 don't is a stretch at best.

b) I don't know if the Df is flawed or not since I haven't shot with it yet.  Have you?  I do know that a number of respected pros have used the Df and have written overwhelmingly positively reviews of it.

A serious update of the D700 should have happened ages ago at 16-18mp in a similar body.

And if this fantasy "serious update" to the D700 had happened many here would complain that "16 mp is too low resolution to be taken seriously" EXACTLY like they did when the Df was announced!  After weeks of people here absolutely trashing the Df for that exact reason, talking about how it should have had a minimum of 24 mp, we are supposed to turn around 180 degrees and buy into the idea that a 16 mp D700 type body was the right move by Nikon?  Because Hogan, in his continuing crusade to give Nikon negative press every chance he gets, is saying this mythical D700 upgrade was the "right move"? It is utter nonsense.  You guys really need to realize that whatever Nikon does, Hogan is going to say they should have done the opposite.  That is just how he rolls now that he seems to have had a falling out with Nikon.

But threads like this make one thing clear: there is just no satisfying some here.  Nikon makes class leading bodies at every price point and classification and people still complain, dragging out claims from disgruntled tech bloggers about Nikon making "wrong moves".   It's astonishing.  Check the Pentax SLR forum and see how comparatively positive everybody is.  And they don't even have one FF body.

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