What should I expect when upgrading from S95 to S110?

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Re: What should I expect when upgrading from S95 to S110?

As I think has already been touched on in the few posts here.. there is not really, in my eyes, anything truly very significant about any of the other S series after the S95 which was and still is a great little camera as a true carry-about anywhere.  Frankly nothing would ever convince me to part with my S95 in favour of ANY later one..especially since any of them still involve a not inconsiderable amount of cash.. just to get what is a second-hand model of the S100 anyway..or even S110
If you want to make a REAL addition to your gear..and at no more expense really now than it would be to buy a recent S series..get the G15..I got one at an excellent price..probably as good as I'd have to pay for any later S series..and honestly it is a real GEM.  I think it's about the best compact I've EVER had over a good many years..In spite of it looking a bit chunky (the nature of the build cannot help that) it DOES in fact fit into a shirt top-pocket if you so wish.. and (as I always do) if you have it on a neat corded single-point attachment to the camera, you can carry it around your neck with ease - always ready - and IF you wish..you CAN slip it into a shirt pocket to at least keep it from dangling and it's still easy to use anytime.
It is incredibly good for most compact type shooting..very fast and excellent lens focussing down to an inch or two..better still of course if you switch to Macro for true close shots (I set that on C1 position of the Dial and it's easy to switch)..look around and see what you can get..it makes the S series a waste of money, good as they are.

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