Long Lens --- How much would you pay?

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Re: Long Lens --- How much would you pay?

Tom Gross wrote:

There have been numerous threads and comments here by people desiring a longer prime lens for wildlife, especially bird photography. I don't know if Olympus or Panasonic read this forum, but if they do, perhaps if enough of us are willing to pay the necessary price, they might consider it.

I personally would gladly pay $1,500 - $2,000 for a 300mm f4.0 or 400mm f5.6. These are similar prices that Canon and Nikon charge for such lenses.

I would I pay this price because I would then be able to sell all my Canon gear, including a 500mm f4.5 (non IS) and 100-400mm zoom. This would reduce my camera bag weight substantially and make bird photography more enjoyable.

I think if Oly or Panny ever produce an m43 300/400mm prime, then they need to be serious about it, and not go about it in a half-hearted way.

If one was to be produced at a premium price {maybe £800 for a 300mm/4}, then I feel it should be rugged / have a tripod mount / have a focus limiter/ suitable lens hood......and as it may sometimes/ often be used for hand-holding situations....it must have good handling ergonomics. Bearing in mind that the size of such a tele will be fairly close to a 135 format 300/400mm of similar speed, then if anything less than a serious effort regarding design {preferably by people who actually use these types of tele's}, then I can't see the point of them producing them........especially as it/they would be limited to the m43 format only {bearing in mind that eventually, mirrorless may probably spread to more of the larger formats ......where high quality super-teles already exist}.

Personally, I think I would have to be pretty certain that m43 is to be my future format......before I forked out some serious cash for {what is, in effect} a specialist lens.

Anyway, just my view

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