Long Lens --- How much would you pay?

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Re: Long Lens --- How much would you pay?

I would really like to have such a lens but am not sure I would pay what it would cost. I think your estimate of $1500-$2000 for a 300mm f4 or 400mm f5.6 is correct. Such a lens would need to have really good image stabilization before I would pay that much so it would probably need to come from Panasonic. But my GX7 has IBIS so maybe Olympus might break with tradition too and add lens based IS for a premium wildlife lens.

Right now I have a Panasonic 100-300mm and a manual focus Canon FD 300mm f4 with the 1.4 TC. The Canon lens is manual focus with no image stabilization but is good optically. I would expect a modern lens to be even better optically even though my old Canon is setting the bar pretty high.  Both the Canon lens and TC cost me $550 on eBay although it took months before I found them at the price I wanted to pay. If I was a professional wildlife photographer buying a $1500 lens would be an easy decision. But as someone that mostly uses the Canon 300mm for taking pictures of birds and other wildlife near my house for fun I am not sure I could justify the cost of a new lens. The 100-300mm I just got reminded me of how nice AF is but I am not sure it is worth $1000 to me. I would need both AF and IS before I would even consider paying that much.

There is also the matter of size and weight.  I would expect a modern 300mm f4 to be just as big and heavy as the Canon lens I own. When I go on vacations or hiking I always leave the 300mm f4 at home and that would be just as true if I got a new lens.

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