Long Lens --- How much would you pay?

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Re: Long Lens --- How much would you pay?

janeenadamsmartin wrote:

Well, I still have my FZ200, which has 600mm and still amazes me with it's IQ. I think about a long lens for my new E-M1, but I think taking the FZ200 might be lighter weight and easier to manage...and I am not sure I would want it slower than the FZ200, which is a constant 2.8.

To my eye my E-M5 + Olympus 75-300 is producing results, at 1600 ISO, that are about equal to my FZ200 at 100 ISO in the conditions that I typically shoot.  So for me the FZ200 lens speed advantage is entirely negated by superior m43 sensor performance.  And you also get to enjoy vastly superior results when there's an abundance of light.

I am not a birder though, so I can see where a long lens on a tripod might be exactly what you want!

I spend a lot of time shooting birds, but although my FZ200 has become a bit redundant out to 600mm, it's so very easy to whack a 1.7x TC on the end of it which puts it right back in the game.  My preliminary assessment is that cropping m43 to match just doesn't quite cut the mustard.  But if we had a faster sharper prime, it would be game over.  It doesn't even need to be longer than 300mm, and it doesn't even really need to be that fast.  Just sharper.  Of course the other things wouldbe nice too though

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