GM1 with Flip bac grip (pictures)

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Re: GM1 with Flip bac grip (pictures)

You see it your way and I see it mine. The Pany grip is a beautiful piece of equipment. It fits perfectly to the contours of the body and is finely machined.The flip bac and all the other stick on grips look exactly like a stickon grip. An afterthought which obviously they are. They look cheap. I use my GM1 on the street and for general shooting. If I'll use it on a tripod for night shooting or studio work I'll just simply remove the grip, no more difficult than removing an SD card. I don't use a tripod every other shot where I need a grip, then a tripod, then a grip, etc. Who does? Walking around with the GM1 on my carbon Gitzo with no weight at all on the head sounds like the way to go. Looking forward to the combo.

Impulses wrote:

I've seen this a couple of times already and I'm not sure I understand the logic? Why would you put a grip on the camera if you're using a tripod?

The Panasonic grip just looks odd to me, and it takes up the tripod mount

Uhh... Because sometimes you might wanna use a tripod and sometimes not? Unscrewing the grip every single time you wanna slap the camera on a tripod would get old, specially if you use a tripod a lot and/or you carry a small tripod like a Gorillapod or those tiny Joby Micros that are so small you can leave them attached to the bottom of the camera (works great with small cameras like this for table shots at restaurants etc).

Some people might even like using camera straps that attach via the tripod mount and again, Panasonic's grip would interfere with that. The ONE thing that no other grip does that the Panasonic grip addresses (camera body height vs larger lenses) is ironically the one thing that would actually matter most on a tripod. A lot of tripod plates won't take the GM1 with anything but the kit zoom because any lens that protrudes out the bottom is gonna interfere and not allow the body to sit flush with the plate or quick release.

It really does look like a total afterthought on Panasonic's part IMO. I don't even mind the actual look of it so much as the clumsy design. Plus they wanted like $75 for it or something? Kind of ridiculous, I hope it's made of titanium or at least the same mag alloy as the body for that price...

That "Franiec" grip is looking sharp tho, sorry about butchering your last name before Richard!

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