GX7 Lens Review on DxO

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Re: GX7 Lens Review on DxO

Ontario Gone wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

And the E-M5 scores even higher than E-M1, even though the E-M5 has an AA-filter and the E-M1 hasn't. For example with the 75/1.8 :

GX7 - 7 P-Mpix

E-M1 - 12 P-Mpix

E-M5 - 13 P-Mpix

Same thing with the 14-140/3.5-5.6 :

GX7 - 4 P-Mpix

E-M1 - 6 P-Mpix

E-M5 - 7 P-Mpix

Very strange. Doesn't make much sense.

Wait wait, i get it. They got their results mixed up, it's the smaller number that is better !!!! Ok jk, i think the best explanation is they use jpeg to test. This would account for all the odd differences that don't make sense, and we know jpeg engines are tweaked all the time from generation to generation.

It would be curious if they used jpegs for testing : they produce a raw converter (DXO Pro) which is famous for using profiles adapted to each sensor/lens couples. Their tests are probably a byproduct of their testings while creating the raw converter profiles.

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