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phill104 wrote:

I can honestly say I have never had the need for a tripod for macro, especially with a shorter length lens such as the 60 or the 65. For most live insects it would just be a hinderence. I know many other macro photographers feel exactly the same.

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I also agree. Insects tend to move pretty quickly and there is often no time available to adjust a tripod. I shoot mainly flowers and a tripod is often not allowed in gardens or feasible even when allowed.

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If you can capture an image at all using a tripod, it will potentially, and often actually, be of better quality than if the camera is hand-held. Quite often either the use of a tripod is not practicable, or the possible improvement in quality is not worth the inconvenience. Those who prefer or need to work using a tripod are entitled to expect their (pro/prosumer) equipment to work well in that context. My point is that the lack of a tripod ring for the 60/2.8 is not a significant issue because tripod users can work round it. Less so with a 100mm macro lens and even less so with the 180/3.5.

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