Canikon abandons prosumer?

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Re: Canikon abandons prosumer?

InterestedParty wrote:

"What is apparent is that both Nikon and Canon appear to have abandoned the “prosumer” DSLR segment."

I am assuming that the quote refers to high-end APS-C cameras, and that the point being made is that Canikon are transitioning the "prosumer" market from APS-C to FF. Did anyone really doubt that FF would become the standard format once again? APS-C was initially necessary due to the high cost of sensors at the beginning of the digital age, but now that FF sensor cost has come down APS-C will be relegated to entry-level cameras--and eventually will disappear altogether, probably in around 10 years if I had to guess...

The weight/size/cost savings of APS-C vs. FF is not that great, especially if you are talking about high-end lenses. 4/3 might survive as a more portable, light weight alternative to FF. The good news is that 36MP FF sensors can capture at 16MP in APS-C crop mode, so that APS-C lenses can still be used once APS-C cameras are no longer sold. In general, a larger format is always better, assuming it can still be carried easily. As we saw in the film era, the 35mm format is the best balance between IQ and portability for most photographers...

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