How to get focus peaking highlights to show on GX7?

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Re: How to get focus peaking highlights to show on GX7?

ycul wrote:

I'm trying to explain how to use a GX7 to family on the other side of the world when I don't have a GX7 myself!

I've gotten them to attach an old manual lens to the GX7 via adapter, enable shoot w/o lens and flip the MF switch. The focus peaking shows when they spin the focus ring on an auto-focus lens, but they don't see it with the manual lens.

Do they have to activate the magnified view?

Is there a button or something that needs to be pressed to activate focus peaking?

Does the AF/MF switch have to be in the MF position?

Thanks for putting up with the rather silly questions! I've Googled and browsed forums to no avail on this one.

They also need to make sure that focus peaking is turned on.

To check, go to the Custom Set Menu (icon is a spanner/wrench with a C)

On page 4 there is the option of 'Peaking'

Go to set, choose the detect level as 'Low' (this will provide more of a peak to get him/her started)

Then choose the preferred display colour.

Press Fn2 to return, and ensure Peaking is selected as on.

You should be good to go!

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