a7 with la-ea4 a-mount to e-mount: poor quality?

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Re: a7 with la-ea4 a-mount to e-mount: poor quality?

bergenpaul wrote:

It's Sony's highest end 35mm prime lens, a big, heavy hunk of glass and metal, and it looked was worse than the cheapo kit zoom lens.

The 35mm f1.4 is not noted for being wicked sharp. Yes, it is a very expensive lens but is also an old design (dates back to 1987). The Minolta version gets a 4.50 for sharpness at dyxum.com and the Sony version gets a 4.60--a super sharp lens will usually get around 4.80 and up. It's worth noting that the $200 plastic fantastic 35mm f/1.8 DT scores 5% higher than the 35mm f/1.4 G in the center at photozone.de (APS-C camera). At the border the cheap lens scores 9% higher (and that's an APS-C border, not FF). Not that the G is a bad lens, but there are qualities that are important other than sharpness...

...having to focus manually would be a pain.

If you don't focus manually you are bringing in the AF micro-adjustment issue when using the LA-EA4. When using the adapter, it is pure phase AF, not the hybrid AF when using a native lens. So, if you add possible AF error to the 35mm G not being a super sharp lens, you could see the effects you describe...

A couple days ago I ordered two nice a-mount lenses, including the 135mm STF which is supposed to be a great lens. But, I'm wondering if it'll never work well with the adapter and I just have to wait for native ff e-mount lenses.

An adapter should not affect the optical quality of the lens, unless it causes misalignment. This often happens with cheap adapters, but I would be surprised if Sony adapter has this problem. I think you'll find that a lens like the 135mm STF will perform well with the adapter. However, it is a MF lens so there is no need for an AF adapter with the SLT mirror. I suppose you don't want to buy multiple adapters, but the LA-EA3 would work just as well and there would be no light loss from the SLT mirror...

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