Is Thom Hogan correct?

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Re: Did Thom say this?

Rick Knepper wrote:

golf1982 wrote:

Should the DF have been a D4 sensor in a D 800 body? With 8 ish FPS and D800 price?

"So I'd say that the first thing Nikon got wrong is not making the Df truly a D700 followup. The Df should have been 8 fps, 51-point AF sensor, 10-pin connector, and 1/250 flash sync. We can quibble about removal of the flash and video."

Besides, Thom is stuck in the mid-'00s thinking that a Pro line-up consisting of versions such as a D4, D4s, D4x & D4h can segment the professional market and still be profitable for Nikon (or any camera company - if it were profitable, they would be doing it.)

Professionals on both sides of the aisle said good riddance to $4000+ cameras (Thom included I betcha) when they opted for the 5D mkII and D700, neither particularly pro-grade, over higher-priced alternatives.

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From Thoms article;

"The Df was a surprise, and is, I predict, going to be a disappointment to Nikon and a refreshing surprise to a few shooters. This boils down to solving the wrong user problem. The biggest user problem for the market that is interested in the 16mp FX sensor isn’t that they needed more dials, it’s that they wanted a lower priced D4. Consider this: would you have been more interested in the Df if it was in the D800 body and had 8 fps? Survey says: yes. Indeed, you would have even paid US$3000 for it, just like a D800."

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