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Re: Noise doesn't happen at the SENSOR level, it happens PIXEL by pixel

tbcass wrote:

There was a discussion about that a little while ago. It was also pointed out that another Sony report from a couple years ago said just the opposite, that increasing pixel density does not increase noise. Those guys you quoted are not engineers but were referred to as "designers" who probably have more to do with deciding how the camera is built and looks, not the electronics.

His title in the interview is (Image Quality Designer) So no he is not working on the case design of the camera.

can't tell if its the same person..

but there is a Kihachiro Ueda listed at co-inventor on 4 Sony Patents since 1996.. that are in electronics and one having to do with coloring of transparent films with high transparency "thin plastics" not camera film.

Just because the facts are the facts doesn't mean Sony has not done a good job getting more out of the same sized sensor over the last 8 years.  If you look at the Older Sony A580 sensor vs the A77 in the silly RAW with no NR view.. The A77 has more noise at just about every level.. But if you go t JPG the sometimes maligned Sony A77 JPG engine on the camera. the A77 finds all the detail of the A77 .. so the camera uses not only sensor design.. but the improvements in RAW processing to get better images.

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Look at the picture, not the pixels
Miss use of the ability to do 100% pixel peeping is the bane of digital photography because it causes people to fret over inconsequential issues.

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