GM1 with Flip bac grip (pictures)

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Re: GM1 with Flip bac grip (pictures)

There's actually a couple different Flipbac grip styles to choose from, only one of them protrudes slightly farther but one or two are significantly wider... They sell a 3 pack direct from their site (for what 2 would cost at B&H), I bought them for my LF1... One of the grips looks exactly like what's on my GF6 stock.

I like the Franeic grip that's out for the RX100 because it wraps around the body a little bit so it looks more stock (probably less likely to peel too), plus it's metal (though that might be a downside in the winter!). You can get a similar effect with the Flipbacs, depending on the camera body, by bending them and/or cutting some shallow vertical slits so it's more pliable. Saw someone do this on the boards a while back...

The Panasonic grip just looks odd to me, and it takes up the tripod mount, plus it's expensive. Only real upside in my book is the fact that it gives the body a few more millimeters heightwise so a couple more of the smaller lenses don't protrude out the bottom.

Nice shot of the new Panasonic slim caps on the OP's pictures too... Hadn't seen them photographed here before, the 20mm version II comes with the same cap. It looks a little larger here because of the filter the OP has on the 12-32mm, but the spring clips barely clear the edge on my 20mm. It's basically as slim as Olympus caps or Panasonic's own cap for the 14-42X PZ.

Panasonic's old center pinch stock cap is probably taller than the new one plus that filter... Really kills the profile on pancake lenses.

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