This article should be read by everybody

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Re: This article should be read by everybody

K E Hoffman wrote:

cosmonaut wrote:

There are a few out there that will argue DXO marks are useless imformation and has little to do with image quality in the real world. I have noticed those people generally shoot cameras with low scores. I almost never hear a photographer argue the point when they shoot with a camera that scores high.

I have always found DXO marks accurate from what cameras I have used in the past.

Or they are looking for a human truth that can't be boiled down to a single number?

I own the best rated Sony Current Model Sony APC DSLR on the list.. and I still question their numbers. I think they fail to tell the whole story. Just like I question the DPR final scores.. but at least that comes with pages of thinking I can use to find what matters to me.

Well, they do show the underlying data if you take the time. I agree the composit numbers are pretty useless.

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