GX7 & GM1...a pleasant surprise.

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Re: GX7 & GM1...a pleasant surprise.

AJ1985 wrote:

Hi. Two questions regarding these two cameras.
The GM1 has a Night handheld mode - taking several pictures being combined as far as I understand.. Does the GX7 have the same functionality?

And the GX7 has a mode where pictures can be taken by focus and shoot just by tapping the touchscreen, right? Does the GM1 also have this?

A few questions regarding these two cameras:

Both cameras use the same 16 mpx. sensor.

Both have IBIS

Both have touchscreen.

GX7 have capability to add EVF,  GM1 does not.

But image quality is same.   Correct?

GM1 is newer with newer features than GX7.

So why not with  money saved to get additional lens?

The reason I ask is because thinking  to replace GX1 with either GX7 or GM1 as "go to" canera for light travel kit.

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