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Re: Proof is harder to obtain than you think

tbcass wrote:

Supposedly the A55 and A65/77 use the same sensor technology while the A57 sensor was "tweaked" for better high iso. The problem with that is DXO scores the A55 sensor a touch better at high iso than the A57 (although the difference is insignificant). There must be a margin of error in the DXO tests. Somebody else said 1/3 - 1/2 stop MOA.

I suspect Sony's "tweak" involved adding a little NR to the A57 RAW file at high iso. I think the A77 files that DPR posted are underexposed - They are screwed up images. KEH has been using those images in his extensive per pixel argument, and they don't prove anything.

I agree with Allan Oleson that the A65 files are better, seemingly more representative of what the Sony 24MP sensor is capable of doing. The overall look of the files makes me think that DPR is doing the A77 a big disservice. I also think the character of noise from the 24MP sensor, once you filter out the chroma noise, is actually preferable to the character of noise in the 16mp sensor, at least with the A57 files.

I think it's sort of unavoidable that the relationship between detail and noise that goes on at the per-pixel level has an influence on the look of the whole image, just as printing has an influence on the look of the image. But people know, especially people who have shot high-iso film, that the capabilities of current digital cameras are quite amazing.

It appears to me that there is no real reason to shy away from the A65/A77 because of high iso noise, but people who absolutely must have better high iso performance than APS-C can provide will have to write the bigger checks and carry the heavier loads for FF gear and brighter lenses.

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