Planning a timelapse with SX50

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Planning a timelapse with SX50


I just thought I'd share these stats and tips if you're planning on shooting a *lot* of photos with your SX50. I've just completed a timelapse with a 16GB SD card with CHDK 1.2 installed.

type # total each
raw+jpg 1822 15,765,810,953 17,306,049.34467618
raw 911 14,804,615,380 16,250,949.92316136
jpg 911 961,195,573 1,055,099.421514819


19 raw+jpg per 1% power

Could fill a 32GB card if run continuously until battery dead, for 1860 raw+jpg

*jpg size was only M1, or 2816x1584

*interval was 6s, for a total of 1:31 timespan, which left battery at 52% left (48% used), display was on

*played back at 24fps, this is only 38s.

Notes on time lapse

-autofocus messes up about 1% of the time, try setting to manual

-there's flickering with changing light conditions, for example with a a sunrise the light levels will jump

-it's surprising how much camera shake you can get. Even walking by a tripod (indoors) can show some shake, or a gorilla pod against a window sill picks up wind vibration

-auto white balance can drift, should lock that down too

-in this case, it was a snow storm.  You need a couple hours to watch snow drifts form.

Hope this helps someone, personally i will use this data to plan my next time-lapse.  I haven't perfected the technique yet, if anyone has anything to share, please let me know!

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