GX7 - Is GPS a new undocumented feature?

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Re: GX7 - Is GPS a new undocumented feature?

babalu wrote:

Ron Tolmie wrote:

The EXIF data for my GX7 displays Latitude and Longitude and the values are correct. GPS is not a documented feature of the GX7 and in looking at the EXIF data from a couple of other GX7's there are no GPS values.

Does anyone have an explanation?

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Ron Tolmie

According to the manual on page 247, the only way you would get longitude/latitude attached is if a smartphone/tablet has acquired them . It requires a setting in the menu of "Add Location Data".

See pages in the manual.

I do have a Playbook tablet in the house but it does not have a Panasonic app loaded (and there is no such app for the Playbook anyway) and the camera link settings are the default values. There is no GX7 software loaded on the computer and the WiFi camera link is not activated.

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Ron Tolmie

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