Is Thom Hogan correct?

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Re: Is Thom Hogan correct?

marike6 wrote:

golf1982 wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

8 FPS and the D800 body with D4 sensor and that would END D4 sales.

What are people THINKING with posts like this? Obviously you're mostly thinking like a consumer and not a camera company.

For my needs the Df presents a good value.


It may well also get them many other new sales. Apple have never been scared of canabalising their own products, as long as you are buying a apple products, and that has never done them any harm.

Apple absolutely does protect their high end gear EXACTLY like Canon and Nikon. You can't even get a MacBook with a dedicated graphics card until you are at near the top-of-the-line Macbook Pro.

That is just their product line, and discreet graphics cost more.

The point is that putting the DF in a D800 body would likely cost less in R and D and production as the d800 body exists, and it is suggested that that body style would be more popular, Therfore it is suggested that nikon did not do it to force people to buy the more expensive product.

Apple don't, 'not release a product' because it may canabolised sales of a more expensive product.

The iPad for example massively canabolised mac laptop sales, at a time when mac sales were significantly rising, and sold for a fraction of the price. what we see now, it also did it also canabolised sales of all laptops

People buy the d4 also for the grip, and build.

Most Nikon cameras offer battery/portrait grips. It's the fast FPS and processing that separates the D4 from bodies below it. A D800 style body with fast burst mode would absolutely cannibalize D4 sales exactly like the D700 did with the D3.

Many like the grip built in.

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