Is Thom Hogan correct?

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Re: Is Thom Hogan correct?

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Nikon could not release such a camera. They already learned with the D700 that sales of the flagship model will be reduced when consumers have a good alternative. The Df is so different from the D4 that it isn't really a substitute in the way that the D700 was for the D3.

...and outside of those who would like a D4(s), the proposed D800 body with a D4 sensor would have very little appeal.

With Joe Public, MPs sell and it would be crazy to launch a camera with less than 24MP now unless it had some other angle like the Df. The demographic which would buy that are precisely the ones that the D4 (and the 1DX) are targeted at.

A 24MP, 8fps, large buffer, great AF, D750 is what I'm interested in.

What price point do you imagine this camera will have?

What profitability do you imagine this camera will have?


Now that Nikon has EXPEED4, and assuming the 24mp sensor can support that speed, 8fps/24mp is doable - yes the D750. Thom says Sendai is working on something...

I do think a D4X with 54MP is also very important to the brand.

That's a LOT of FX bodies to make, but if Sendai could swing it, I think making them both would be good for the company...

At what price point and what profitability? I'm not saying they can't do it technically but that your suggestion would get a lot of resistance from the product managers of the D6X0 and the D300s who is hoping for a replacement.


Your proposal needs to fit in somewhere between the D6X0 at 2k and the D800 at $2600. Okay, let's say Nikon's pollsters propose a price at $2250 right in the middle. What sane person would buy a D6X0 then? Moreover, are all of the extra components in the new camera making enough margins on that price point?

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