Canon ixus 255 (ELPH) settings

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Canon ixus 255 (ELPH) settings


Just to check a few features on the canon ixus 255. I have several questions.

1.Has the canon got a sharpening feature, is it on the unit or on the software. What recommendation do you use yours at? If on camera how do you find it as the manual didn't specify?

2. I noticed some times in very bright days the camera can over expose in bright light for example the sky is a bit bright and overblown. How do I adjust that, any recommended settings.

3.I found out how to use the iso function. I did a photo at nearly dark on auto and the photo turned out pretty dark. I then put it on p and iso 200 and it was a lot brighter and cleaner. What settings do you recommend

a) On a bright day

b)On dusk

c) at night I) outdoors ii) indoors with limited light (flash on or off)f

d) Indoors in light

4. What settings do use indoors for portaits on A) Normal light and b) Limited light - flash or no flash , on p or vivid.

Thanks in advance.



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