Is Thom Hogan correct?

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Of course he's not correct

If he did say those things, then he is absolutely not correct.

It is amazing to me that for years Nikon users have been asking for a digital FM style camera. So what does Nikon do? They listen to customers and build one. And rather than be happy for yet another strong addition to Nikon's FX lineup, all anybody seems to do is complain and second guess them.

Stop by any other forum on DPR and you won't see anywhere near the level of complaining and second guessing that goes on here on FX forum and across the web. Nikon has the most bodies out of anyone in the top 20 of DxOMark, they have extremely competitive prices (D800 was priced $500 less than the 5D III, D610 is a sub-$2000 FX DSLR), they listened to customer requests for a digital FM style body, etc. But judging by all the constant moaning and groaning around here, you'd think that Nikon still hasn't built it's first FF camera like Pentax or that Nikon has been using the same sensor over and over again like Canon. It's the most bizarre phenomenon I've ever seen to be so positively spoiled with riches in FX and DX camera bodies, lenses, flashes and accessories but to have such an overwhelming negative forum tone day in and day out.

Everyday I look at the Top Threads on the DPR front page and without fail there is a Nikon FX rant thread talking about how Nikon stole someone's first born.

Anyway clearly Hogan, who seems to think he knows better how to run Nikon than Nikon, doesn't remember what happened with the D700 cannibalizing D3 sales. If he did, he wouldn't suggest that Nikon do the EXACT same thing by putting the D4 sensor in a D800 style body. And if they had, I'd bet anything that Hogan would then write "Is Nikon deaf: where is the FM Digital that customers have been asking for?". Followed by another Hogan article "Does Nikon ever learn: is the Df hurting D4 sales?"

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