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Definitely the biggest innovation of the year, if not to say, of the decade. The FF race has started, no doubt other companies will follow the suit. Expect every company jumping on the bandwagon. Canon/Nikon/Pentax are going to kill their DSLR cash cows, that's the only way for them to succeed in the future. Sony has a first-mover advantage now, but because FF compact mirrorless have the potential to capture the whole market occupied now by FF and crop sensors, mirrorless and DSLRs, the competition will likely be brutal. The next 5 years promise to be very interesting. Good for consumers, the prices are going to fall and the features and performance are going to improve.

They will not do that until the Sony starts to sell in numbers and it is failing to do that. Good launch in South Korea. Poor start in America and a dreadful start in the UK were the camera is sitting on the shelves of camera stores. Amazon sales are not great either.

Until the replacement models come out which will need to be greatly improved to get their performance close to that of a FF DSLR Canon and Nikon will not be at all worried. Also very few people will trade in a FF DSLR for a Sony until they have a proper lens range and Sony have been hopeless on delivering on that in the past. For a lot of FF DSR users with a large lens range the Sonys are not an option at the moment nor will they be for at least 2 years plus. But if the camera does not start selling in large numbers Sony will hold back on lens development.

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Last time I checked, A7r is the second best seller in Amazon and that was yesterday...

Agreed, the A7(r)'s were pre-ordered 200% over what Sony was expecting...once they get some FE Lens on the ground all the grumbling will stop...

Where do you get the 200% figure from. Someone you know personally at Sony Japan? How many were they expecting to sell? Bottom line is you can buy the camera off the shelves and you could do that as soon as the first ones were sent out to the camera dealers.

It's a famous entry in the Sony Alpha rumor site. Some unknown source said Sony expected to sell less. No detail how many they expected to sell or how many they are actually selling now. So it's all relative.

People in this forum just ate it up.

They actually probably had initial low expectations...they are selling well for sure...

and as I said before, nowhere in the top 100 digital cameras.

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Mr Ichiro Kitao, I support the call to upgrade the FZ50.
I will not only buy one but two no questions asked...

Just discovered you are having a buyers remorse owning Olympus EM1 and now you are trolling the SONY Nex forum. Go back to your forum and annoy everyone there....

Err no... and you need to understand the word 'trolling' as you do not understand the definition of it at present. So sad when people jump to using the word trolling when they have problems understanding what a debate is.

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