Fuji 18-55 loose mount, front element wobble and OIS issues

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Fuji 18-55 loose mount, front element wobble and OIS issues

Dear fellow X-trans worshippers,

I've recently join the club and I must say that I am enjoying myself while using FujiX-E1 with XF18-55 lens. I do however experience several issues which I did not notice with my previous system (D3200 with 18-55, 16-85, 55-300 and 35 1.8g). I kindly ask for your inputs regarging the following issues:

1. Lens wiggling in the mount - abot 2mm of play. Camera is working, however there's an unsettling feeling that something will go wrong while zooming

2. Front element wooble - up-down movement, especially noticable when zoomed to 55. Sometimes I feel some resistance at one point when zooming between 35 - 55mm, like there i an obsticle requiring additional force to zoom. I don't know are these two things connected.

3. There seems to be some issue with OIS. Lens is continuously humming/hissing (some kind of movement noise), whether or not OIS ia turned on. It not an obtrusive noise, however it is troubling. It stops only when in picture play (preview) mode. Also I do not see any difference when looking trough the EVF, zoomed at 55 with OIS or on off. I see the same level of shaking. It seems like OIS cant bee turned off, while it does not work properly (or its effects are hidden from me)

4. Finnaly, sometimes I get a green rectangle, indicating successful focus, while it clearly is not. This is quite an annoyance, as some beautiful frames can be lost for good. This is not happening often, but it do follows Murphy's law - when I am taking picture of something really nice

Now these maybe the quirks of new system, which I need to get used to, or it is QC issue (I tend to get "lucky" in purchasing flawed stuff).

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