I tried a couple of othef mirrorless cameras and here is what I felt

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Re: Really?

Najinsky wrote:

Nivedita wrote:

Later I tried the Sony A7 at the Sony Style store. The camera is nice, I do not feel it as snappy as E-M1, very close. But the main let down was the kit lens. It really feels like a kit lens for the APS-C SLRs. I checked the images and it seems not great. I can't imagine why Sony paired such low quality kit lens with this camera. I assume that with the Zeiss lenses, things might be better for sure. But as of now, I do thing it is not great. I also felt that focus is not great (based on my limited testing, I got a few out of focused shots - I was even using F8 and F11 to have large DOF).

Well I guess it seems fashionable to bash the kit lens, and I've only had it 3 days so I guess there's still time for it to disappoint me, but for the moment It's performing very nicely indeed:

And for a bit of fun I tested it against the Panasonic 20/1.7 @ F/2 versus the 'kit' at 40/4. The kit combo resolves notably more detail than my EM-5 + 20mm.

These are 1:1 crops from the centre of my test frame:

OMD EM-5 + 20/1.7 @ F/2

A7 + Kit @ 40/4

Click to see the originals, and you can easily see the A7 + Kit is showing much more detail, most obvious on the central green symbol.


Now if you could print those 1000 baht notes as good as the photos then I would be happy.

I noticed the Thai smile before I saw the 1000 baht notes.

Wish I was there now.......

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