Is Thom Hogan correct?

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Re: Is Thom Hogan correct?

golf1982 wrote:

It may well also get them many other new sales. Apple have never been scared of canabalising their own products, as long as you are buying a apple products, and that has never done them any harm. People buy the d4 also for the grip, and build.

Well said, but a small detail Apple != Steve Jobs. Under new leadership, I would be curious to see if they continue to produce revolutionary products that are simply made to be what people want, rather than evolutionary products that a bunch of detached executives think you should want.

There is something called the iron triangle that binds a product development project to 3 variables namely cost, schedule, quality/features/function. I hear tons of executive blather about "The Apple way" but I don't see any of that. with respect to computer electronics, all companies I know of other than Apple prioritize as follows: cost, schedule, quality. Apple is the exact reverse: quality, schedule, cost. When compared spec to spec, anything apple is actually behind the competition ( compare a mac pro to a equally priced workstation PC, a mac book air to a similar Acer windows ultrabook, an iphone5s to a Nexus 5) simply because it took apple nearly a generation of the time to refine take the same technology to market, but as a result they keep up in performance, exceed in quality, and are clearly desired.

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