Is Thom Hogan correct?

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Kerry Pierce
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no, it isn't the d700 replacement for many

The Andy G wrote:

To say nothing of the astonishing sensor and all that comes with it. So, why is the D800 such a failure and not a "real" replacement for the D700? The D700 is... frame per second faster.

I own both cameras, along with a d3s. I don't know where you get that the d700 is 1fps faster than the d800. My d700 runs at about 8fps. My d800 might run 4fps.

Does anyone remember that the D800 costs only 3k?

Yes, that was about the same price for the d700 at launch.

Want to increase the FPS? Great. Here's what you do: increase the price of the camera. Why?

Nonsense, a 16mp to 24mp sensor would likely allow 8fps. Nobody wants 36mp at 8fps. There's no reason to increase the price just for a modern high speed sports camera for the amateurs.

Oh, you are a sports shooter and only need 16 MP with 8+ FPS (because that's what the D700 gave you with a grip) ? Get a D4 or D3X; the latter is still a current product.

Every amateur that stretched to buy the d700 should suddenly find the funds to buy a d4 and the exotic lenses to go with it? Where?

The d4 is a professional camera. Not many amateurs will buy one, but they would buy a d700 replacement. The d700 wasn't a threat to the d3 but it made a lot of money for Nikon's FX program. The same would apply here.

You are free to disagree, which given what you've already written, I would expect nothing less, so we'll just have to agree to disagree. You don't have to buy the camera anyway.

You spend your money as you see fit and I'll do the same. I've already indicated where I will and won't spend mine.


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