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Re: Canon efs 60 macro lens

The 60mm Macro is just a great macro lens. So is the EF 100mm 2.5 (even the non-L, non-IS version is superb). My fave though is the Canon EF 50mm F2.5 compact Macro. It's lightweight, razor sharp with great colour rendition, and it serves well as a general purpose 50mm as well. It's just great for a walkabout lens, and the best part is it is very inexpensive... only about 340 dollars Canadian. There is no IS and its an old design ca. 1987). When it's on my 60D, I have a nicely balanced lightweight package.

On the other hand, the 60mm is only slightly heavier, a newer design and delivers superb photos, so it's the best lens. However, that 50 is the one that I love and have with me always. I think it's Canon's best kept secret (there are times I seriously think of buying a FF to go with it!!!!!!!!!!!!). You can see how good it is here:

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