Is Thom Hogan correct?

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Re: Is Thom Hogan correct?

Alpha Tech wrote:

Nikon could not release such a camera. They already learned with the D700 that sales of the flagship model will be reduced when consumers have a good alternative. The Df is so different from the D4 that it isn't really a substitute in the way that the D700 was for the D3.

Nikon's business objective is NOT to maximize D4 unit sales.  Their business objective is to maximize their overall profit.  If they followed your advice, they never would have produced the D800 because that killed the D3x.  But, clearly they realized that they could sell so many more D800s at $3000 than they could D3x bodies that they'd make a lot more money by selling the D800 than protecting the D3x.

The same could easily be true in the speed camera market.  And, if Nikon doesn't do it, then someone else will because previous cameras have shown that it's feasible and there are customers who want it.

In addition, the D4 would maintain body style, battery, fps and AF advantages so for many pros, they'd still want the D4 anyway.  There's room in the world for more than just one level of speed camera.

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