Is Thom Hogan correct?

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What is so hard to understand: The D800 is the D700's upgrade

Compared to the D800 the D700 is:

  • Bigger
  • Heavier
  • Has only a 95 per cent viewfinder
  • One card slot
  • more expensive (relatively speaking)

To say nothing of the astonishing sensor and all that comes with it. So, why is the D800 such a failure and not a "real" replacement for the D700? The D700 is... frame per second faster.

You have got to be kidding me. I mean really, stop and think. In 12-bit mode, five frames per second is 180 MB, in 14-bit mode it is 210 MB. Nikon's clearly going XQD Compact Flash but has so far limited this to the D4 because including it in the D800 would jack up the price.

Does anyone remember that the D800 costs only 3k? Remember how shocked we were when that price was announced? Remember thinking that it had to be a misprint. Clearly Nikon's pricing plan was to grab the middle of the chessboard from their friends and colleagues at Canon. This price is flipping' amazing!

Want to increase the FPS? Great. Here's what you do: increase the price of the camera. Why?

  • Pulling the image from the sensor through the ADC faster results in noise. So you need to add stuff to get the noise down.
  • The I/O board needs more bandwidth.
  • The storage media needs newer and doubtless more expensive licensing for the XQD compact flash.
  • A larger battery or shorter battery life. Pick at least one but probably two.

You're dealing with a huge amount of data here. Moving it about is not free. Oh, you are a sports shooter and only need 16 MP with 8+ FPS (because that's what the D700 gave you with a grip) ? Get a D4 or D3X; the latter is still a current product. I am too lazy to look but I believe that the D4 and D3 are smaller cameras than the D700 stacked atop a grip. And these have dual card slots, full viewfinders, et cetera….

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