D800 105 f2.5 P portraits

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reginalddwight Senior Member • Posts: 2,003
Re: D800 105 f2.5 P portraits

Stujomo wrote:

reginalddwight wrote:

Lovely composition. Beautiful model.

Am I wrong to say that the 2nd shot looks a bit hot?

No not wrong to say at all. It is a bit hot. I like to push the skin tone close to the limit in B&W. With B&W film you could over expose the skin right up to the shoulder and the skin would soften and glow nicely does not quite work the same with digital but that was kind of what I was after.

I know what you mean. I shot a lot of portraiture with film and found it produced smoother skin texture and richer tones. Having said that, I don't miss working in a darkroom the least!

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