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DKL adapter

N Desmond wrote:

A wee late in the mail, but my DKL to M42 adapter arrived last night. Very nicely packaged, just as a quality piece should be.

Tom - You are absolutely right about its sturdiness and amazing fit with DKL lens. When attaching SK 2.8 50mm, there was a solid "click" as it went into place.

Only able to experiment in living room with incandescent light. Hope there's time later today to test outside. Will report back.

Glad you like it.  Lots of talk about how great Novoflex is but I hink that you might agree that Yeenon make pretty good adapters as well.

The DKL lenses seem on the whole a bit slow and they are heavy, sturdy things and quite sharp.  I bought a few and their main problem seems to be that their focus can be quite stiff.  They are horrible things to work on as the mechanism at the back of the lens is very complex and not to be meddled with.  Usually stiff focus is down to hardened lubricaton on the helicoids but in the case of these lenses I think they also get a bit of build up of surface "verdigris" on the brass part that extends out the back of the lens (which may not be the "real" problem but certainly does not help).

In any case if yours is smooth then no problem but be careful if a vendor says the focus is stiff - it seems devilishly hard to fix.  I have repaired, cleaned and lubricated a few lenses now but a DKL has been my only real disaster.  Will get brave and try another sticky one when my hair grows back

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