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No proof at all since there is no neutral starting point

tbcass wrote:

Supposedly the A55 and A65/77 use the same sensor technology while the A57 sensor was "tweaked" for better high iso. The problem with that is DXO scores the A55 sensor a touch better at high iso than the A57 (although the difference is insignificant). There must be a margin of error in the DXO tests. Somebody else said 1/3 - 1/2 stop MOA.

There is a heck of complex processing going on from analog to digital, also hefty noise reduction. The raw files tell more about how data is processed in-camera than the pure performance of the sensor, I would say. For some cameras smooth high ISO results is priored at the cost of other aspects of image quality, also for the raw files, and for other cameras the priority might be (very) different.

From this we know that noise has to be treated differently from camera model to camera model, even within the same brand, sensor size and number of pixels. The 'headroom' for noise reduction at post processing do vary a lot, and so the limit when smoothing out noise starts to affect fine detail.

Judging sensor performance from samples on the web, from Dpreview or other trusted sites, does not tell the full story - not at all! But we see a lot of misconceptions and how barely visible differences are blown up to major problems, while other and much more important aspects of image quality is not even mentioned.

Also, when we are viewing raw files and want to get the most out of the sensor, we have to adjust the raw converter settings to fit the actual camera. If not, the result will not be optimized. Default settings is just a starting point.

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