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Re: Hard to bust the large vs small pixel myth

K E Hoffman wrote:

When I scale up.. If there is one red I a Sea of Gray.. it won't turn it into a big blog of 4 red pixels.

What if the single pixel is noisy, as noise is distributed at random? Then you might get a cleaner result with data from four pixels.

A 24 MP image from an APC of the same generation will start to get muddy when we go above ISO 6400.EVEN SCALED>... it will look much better on the FF 24MP.. same scaling.. difference? Larger pixels more signal per pixel and across the sensor vs the the pixel and across the sensor.

Now you are comparing sensors with different size, one capturing much more photons that the other one. The difference is NOT tied to pixel size, but sensor surface area and light-gathering power.

Small or large pixels - with modern sensors of THE SAME SIZE the amount of noise will be about the same. This is what the writer of the article is trying to tell you. And this is what is confirmed by test results and real world work.

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