SOLVED: Importing images from CF cards into iPad

Started Dec 13, 2013 | Discussions thread
seeblue Senior Member • Posts: 1,644
Re: SOLVED: Importing images from CF cards into iPad

The Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adaptor only works with supported cameras.

The Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader only works with SD cards.

Third party hardware, software hacks, etc. are unsupported. The simple answer is some of them may work some of the time, none will work all of the time. Any of them could possibly damage your device or void your warranty. If you’re a tinkerer, tinker away, but $50 to $100 later, you may have nothing that works.

For your requirements I’d look to a wireless solution like a Kingston Mobilelite wireless hub. It will accept card readers (among other inputs). OTOH, it’s also really easy to transfer files wirelessly from a PC/Mac to your tablet without spending any money at all.

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