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Re: Why standardize on substandard resolution

K E Hoffman wrote:

DxO states differently --- in fact, they rate the A77 slightly higher --- and they conduct tests over normalized RAW files instead of whatever the camera says its nominal ISO is.

And we are back to DXO cooking and scaling RAW and in a process that has no transparencey but if you want to ignore your own eyes for proprietary number fine.. side by shots at TOP ISO so show a clear differences.

They take more cooking out of the equation than most comparisons done around the web. Dpreview shots often have different physical exposures at the same indicated ISO's. That's a difference in light= difference in photons=direct influence on SNR.

And Dpreview themselves confirmed that the A77 understates ISO's and ACR treats cameras differently at the settings they use (which Adobe also acknowledges).

DXO does not test converted RAW files, they test the binary RAW data itself. Their results often reveal noise averaging in RAW files done in camera at higher ISO's, see Pentax results and their comments.

As for "your own eyes", I remember posting a "blind" RAW comparison (crops) between the NEX 5N and NEX 7 at high ISO at the same physical exposures, here in this forum. Many people took up the challenge and those that were confident they could tell which was which, were on average quite wrong.

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