New Panny 12-32mm first impressions

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Re: New Panny 12-32mm first impressions

Mais78 wrote:

Bought a GM1 last week, sold the body and kept this little lens for my E-M5 (compact companion for the 20mm f1.7). It is tiny and light! Smaller than the 20mm, but it feels like a toy in your hand, cheap plastic, not a lens that retails at £300 in the UK. Took a few pictures, optically does not seem bad, but I don't have the 14-42mm so cannot compare the two. I don't think this lens will make it to kit lens for the GX7 vs the 14-42, feels too cheap for a high end camera. Curious to know if it is better like Panasonic claims.

Why did you not keep the GM1 body a little longer to do comparisons with using the 12-32mm lens with both bodies?

I have the E-M5, and tried the 12-32mm on it, but images that came out with that combination did not seem as sharp as using the lens with the GM1 (which I guess the kit lens is fine-tuned for). Shots seem sharper on the GM1 with less CA is high-contrast shots (which the E-M5 does not correct in-body).

Hence, I have decided only to use the kit lens on the GM1 if I want the best images.

In fact, it has made me seriously think of only using Olympus lenses on Olympus bodies and vice-versa, for optimal image quality.

About the build-quality, I don’t think it is bad at all for a kit lens. Actually, I think the build-quality is better than my 20mm f1.7 (version 1) and 25mm f1.4.


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