Pixma Pro-100 stopping part way through - any advice?

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Re: Pixma Pro-100 stopping part way through - any advice?

ian boys wrote:

First off, I have done some searching online and on this forum, but it was by no means exhaustive and I do apologize if I am asking a question that has been discussed elsewhere.

That said, I have recently (only in the last couple of days) been having an intermittent issue with my Pro-100. Two out of the last three prints I have tried making have halted part way through, without the printer reporting any sort of error message. The printer simply feeds the sheet of paper all the way through and, as far as I can tell, acts as if nothing went wrong. The first stopped after only about a tenth of the job, but the second made it over half-way before stopping. I have restarted the printer between the first and second failures, so I do not believe it was simply some momentary issue. One print which failed was on an 8.5 x 11, and the other was on a 13 x 19. All prints I have made have been through Print Studio Pro via CS6.

Now, some checking I have done myself - when I ping my printer from my computer (and I am printing via wireless), I occasionally end up with a dropped packet - not sure if that could be an issue with my network or my printer. I could try hard-wiring my printer to my computer to see if this is possibly a cause of the error, but it would be difficult, as I have a desktop and the printer is set up in another room (there really is no room near where the desktop is for the behemoth!).

Relating to the above, does anyone know if the printer has its own on-board memory to spool a job, or does it need a constant connection to a computer to print? I am guessing it is the first (which would make the dropped packet issue less likely, I would think), since the print manager in Windows states that the job is completed before the printer has in fact completed it.

If nobody else has had any issues like this, or has any suggestions, I will simply call Canon support - I was just hoping to see if anyone here had any insight before I start that whole process.

Thanks, all!

Maybe try printing through a USB port instead of wireless. If you dont have any problems then there may be a problem with your wireless setup.

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