X-E2 - another review and jpeg DR observations ...

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Re: X-E2 - another review and jpeg DR observations ...

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In the latest X-E2 review - Tech Radar has shown poor results in jpeg dynamic range section.

The XE-2 results are the worst among competing camers, and what is the most courius (to me), much worse the X-E1?

The results are supported by words: "The relatively low dynamic range scores of the X-E2 reflect our findings in the real world, where highlights can be lost a little early [...]"

It's to early to have my own observarations so I have to rely on this graphs - especially because they look very profi

The results for the RAW are OK (ACR) but I have bought this camers for OOC JPEG, to simplify my workflow (life ;-)) and I was quite happy what my already-sold X-E1 produced.

Any suggetions ? Forget OOC JPEGs ? forget this review? Correct in-camera settings ?


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I have not tried Silkypix on the X-E2 jpegs but did make a direct comparison of a Silkypix processed X-E2 Raw file and the very latest LR upgrade. The latest LR is far superior to Silkypix showing very satisfying green sharpness etc. So, maybe it's Silkypix at fault. I personally have not noticed any X-E2 deficiency in DR compared to the X-E1.

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