New Panny 12-32mm first impressions

Started Dec 13, 2013 | Discussions thread
mring1 Senior Member • Posts: 1,079
This is a kit I've been wondering about...

I have an E-M5, and if the 12-32 works well with that camera, it could be a viable jacket pocket-sized carry along.  That is, IF it works well with the camera (and Pany lenses/Oly cameras and vice versa don't always do that), and more important, if the sharpness is what a kit lens should be.

One caveat, kit zooms will NEVER be as sharp as equivalent focal length primes.  They need to be stopped down at least a half stop, and somewhere in the range, they usually lose contrast and sharpness.  I'd be very happy if it worked well from 12-25.'ll interest a fair number of folks if/when you give us some feedback on how this set-up works.

Looking forward to hearing more from you....

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