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Re: Proof is harder to obtain than you think

K E Hoffman wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

Sony did us a favor and I found the samples I was looking for. They built a 24 MP SLT APC camera and a 16 MP SLT APC at basically the same time so we see the costs of smaller pixels IN THE SAME GENERATION of sensor.

Problem #1: The 'same generation of sensor' is an undefined term. You can't assume that these two sensors and their supporting hardware and firmware are identical in all ways other than resolution just because they appeared in cameras that were released closely in time. In reality we don't know what other important differences there might be.

Similar technology, same sensor size. MORE PIXELS CREATES MORE NOISE because the signal output of the pixels is less but there are fixed noise contributors. So more pixels in mid to lower light areas will be about noise not the shot. Images with areas of dark will show noise there.

Problem #2: Really? Always? You are using DPR comparisons to support your ideas, so try going to the DPR comparsions between the A7 and A7R to find the same proof of those assumptions. If you don't find the difference you were expecting, you can claim that they are not 'similar technology' even though they were released simultaneously in almost identical bodies... but then you are stuck in a circular argument that cannot be resolved.

I would say the 36MP sensor does better than the 24 MP sensor more than the removal of the AA filter can attest to. and when scaled it looks even better.

They are not equal which you argument assumes...

Read what I wrote carefully. Unlike you, I haven't put forward an argument in this debate and I haven't assumed anything. I am establishing a basis of logic.

.. since they have the same sensor area they should be. It would be more likely they are different generations of sensor design.

36 MP sensor is newer design.. the 24 MP sensor shares other attributes with the A99 that indicate it is probably that sensor design with some micro lens refinements for the different lens to sensor distances.

Again, read what I wrote. I suspected you might not find the expected differences... and I suspected you might as a result claim the A7 and A7R sensors are not the 'same generation of sensor'. Since you did that you must also logically agree that the A77 and A57 cannot be assumed to have the 'same generation of sensor' either. Therefore, either you must disregard logic or you must accept that the 'proof' you have offered in the form of an A57/A77 comparison is not a proof of anything. Either way, you will now need to take a different tack to support your theories.

Again: Proof is harder to obtain than you think.

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