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Re: Both sides have a point.

Allan Olesen wrote:

artlmntl wrote:

The thing is, if we buy a large-resolution camera, that indicates we plan to crop into the pictures or some way use the pictures larger than we would the lower resolution image. If not, why bother? And that is the point where I think the article comes up a little short.

OK. You want to crop hard on the photo from a high MP camera. And the result has a lot of noise.

Now ask yourself one simple question:

If you had taken the same photo with a low MP camera and cropped it to the same ratio of the full image and enlarged it to the same final size, would it have had less noise?

If your reply is: "I would not do the same cropping to the low MP photo", then you are not comparing the cameras on equal terms.

Equality is not the issue. It's a matter of purpose. When one buys a camera with larger sensor, it is to get better IQ. When one buys a camera with more resolution, the purpose of that extra resolution is to print larger, to crop into the image and get more resolution on the crop, or (as pointed out above) to retain more resolution for downsampling because there are IQ benefits to doing that. But camera marketers love more MP, so MP increases over time.

Part of the issue here is lowlight performance. To address that, you either buy brighter, more expensive lenses to gain ~1-2 stops better performance. Or you buy a current FF body to gain another ~2 stops better performance. Do both, and you can pick up 3-4 stops. Downsample, and that should be worth what? Another 1/2 stop?

At that point, you can probably shoot the underground mole races by torchlight. But now we're just throwing money at the problem. Performance is usually a question of how much one is willing or able to spend.

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