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Gasp!! The horrors!

Ben Herrmann wrote:

I don't want reality in this case, I wanted an imagined setting, and I went about getting it in post processing. .....I got the colors right, managed to erase the haze, and wound up with images that looked out of a National Geographic magazine.

Heh, heh.....

I have two thoughts on the whole 'colors' matter.  Actually four thoughts.

1.  Some people are naturally more or less sensitive to color variation, including gender related differences. I happen to care a lot about color variations but I can hardly even see noise or artifacts in an image and am quite aware that others see much more than I do.

2.  Color attributes that are ascribed to cameras or brands of cameras are frequently more related to the users' software, color management schemes and computer displays.

3.  Subject matter is related to sensitivity of color variation.  For example, portrait photographers are sensitive to skin tones (I can hardly notice that), while perhaps photographers who shoot street scenes or concentrate on car details, etc. may have other dominating interests.  I shoot landscapes and I care a lot about natural greens and natural sky color --- be gone, cyan skies and crayon greens!  (I won't say which brands....)

4. For me, it is the combination of white balance and color.  What I like most about Olympus is that they don't neutralize white balance when shooting with 'auto white balance' (except the newish 'warm color off' setting).  With other cameras, such as Panasonic, auto white balance gives me a neutral look that is entirely NOT what I am seeing when I shoot early morning or late afternoon.  Other people may not notice, but I am obsessed with the different colors of the light where I live - which can be so extreme as to look entirely fake and unreal.  I happen to love the 'real' colors of Mother Nature, even when she is feeling blah.  I can much more easily neutralize or warm up a color if I want to later on than I can attempt to be Mother Nature and provide the actual colors myself, especially as scenes are so often mixed white balance.

Olympus is not perfect, especially since they have (sadly) done away with the external white balance sensor.  And they are sometimes much too warm, especially on cloudy days (where I tend to get more 'real' colors with Panasonic).  But at least I have a chance that I don't have when shooting with cameras that automatically neutralize white balance in 'auto WB' settings.  I'm told to use presets, but daylight is similar to noon colors, so that doesn't work for me.  I want 'auto wb' to be as 'real' as possible, even if it means orange under artificial lights.

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