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Re: Why standardize on substandard resolution

Draek wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

So.. if we always scale like you do.. and like to shoot gray cards and closets they are the same.
Got it.

Yup. And if you shoot in the real world, resolution is much more important than per-pixel SNR, making it the intelligent choice overall.

The DXO system is interesting we pay for 24 or 36 MP... the scale it to 8MP. Problem with that is..

8MP is not even close to hitting basic 35MM film resolution.

Yes, it is. Go shoot 35mm again, then remember how much it sucked in resolution; my 10 Mpx 1/1.7" compact is about as good as my Pentax SLR with top glass. If you think a puny little 35mm neg can match a 24 Mpx APS-C with a decent prime lens, you're just nuts.

If you used COSTCO to process your prints of Kodak MAX 800 maybe... Some of us aspire to more

This one is really good... and here we get to a key truth... When we get into the warzone of ISO above 1600 Digital with all the fighting over noise is better than film..  But we have not replaced all of films ability yet..

Again this is a great standard if you bought your camera for web pages and 8x10 prints.

About the same uses 35mm film had, then.

So yes if you scale a modern camera to a substandard resolution they are all the same.

Indeed. And if you don't, resolution is king; no one cares how clean your pixel is, if you've only got a single one.

I love my Sony.. but this is a silly rationalization to try to pretend that an A77 and D600 are the same.

Nobody has; one has a larger sensor than the other. It's the same as thinking an A57 performs the same as an A7r, just because their individual pixel size is the same.

A57 is a different generation of sensor with a different filter scheme too.  It would be silly to make this an exampled in the discussion just check out the A77 to A57 shots I posted earlier today from the DPR studio shot.. where the a57 has a 1-2 ISO stop advantage at the top of the scale.

Sensor size is relevant; pixel size isn't, nor is pixel count.

They are not.. Sony has some weakness and some strengths. The do things with bayer filter etc that tend to increase noise.. Is the obsession with it overblown.. yes.. PP and shooting well should allow anyone to get a shot they want except maybe underground Mole races.

Also true.

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K.E.H. >> Shooting between raindrops in WA<<

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