Construction; and maybe also constructive?

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Construction; and maybe also constructive?

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As this thread is about "Construction"; I like to recall some "constructive" rules I made for myself as a member of the forum.

I have been a member of the leica forum for some years with my current ID, Louis (l_objectif). Before, I was here with another ID; then, I took a short break before coming back again. During all this time, I have known some wonderful people and great photographers from whom I learned a lot not only in photography, but also in my behavior. (Unfortunately, most of them have left the forum since.) But thanks to the examples they set, I made my own rules of conduct that I would like to share some with friends.

1- I say nothing if I have nothing nice to say! There are many different genres, styles and concepts in photography! None of them is "superior" to any other; and, we also don't have to like any of them, either. But we must respect other people's feelings and expression. If I see something wrong in a shot and even if it has nothing to do with my own personal taste, and if I think it would be constructive to the photographer, I try to let him know without offending, patronizing; or embarrassing him. Many times, also, I like a great shot but don't find anything interesting or constructive to say! I always disliked people who are on their high horses, or think they know better than others, or think rudeness is a sign of honesty (!); or, try to impose their own views and taste!... I never pay any attention to self appointed "Teachers" and "Critics"! More specially when they talk but have nothing to show!

2 - Unless it is for following a specific theme, I try to never go into my folders and invade the forum with old photos! We all have old folders and it is not right to flood the forum with our old pictures; and by doing so, imposing ourselves and pushing away other posts that could be more interesting and constructive for everyone. A forum is not a personal and private gallery! I believe we all have the right of sharing our work with the hope of improving ourselves; but at the same time, it is very uncivil to ignore other peoples right, time and space.

3 - Because I must also take care of my own life, I do not spend much time in the forum. But I also don't think it is very civil for anyone to sit in front of a keyboard all day long to put a nonsense in every single thread! Again, I find by doing so, it would screw up the normal flow of posts and ideas; it would violate other peoples time and space; and honestly, when putting a few words in every single thread, nothing interesting and constructive could be said! I don't consider that "contributing" to the forum, but "spamming"!... And frankly, very silly!

4 - From time to time, we have people or trolls who jump into this forum to mess up. More often, they are rude, offending and provoking others. I always try to avoid them and never go into fight! I like to have my fights face to face but not through a keyboard as some low life cowards do! With this kind of posts, tension and bad blood take over the forum and that is certainly not constructive, educational and helpful for the regulars of the forum! I ignore them; responding to them is only feeding them!

5 - I very firmly believe in freedom of expression and I am very strongly opposed to any kind of censorship! In 21st century, I believe we must feel completely free in expressing ourselves through any media we are using; photography being one of them!... But we are also in the Internet and I understand that, unfortunately, sites must have some rules too!... I only wish rules were limited and we had more freedom of expression!

Some of you may approve some of my rules, but some others may dislike all of them!... It's OK with me!

Very best to all,

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