Poll: What Camera did you get on the end? A7 or A7R ?

Started Dec 10, 2013 | Polls thread
Najinsky Veteran Member • Posts: 5,739
Perhaps unpopular

To me, the A7R is a mistake.

Firstly, having two models is just confusing, making a hard decision (invest in yet another Sony lens whim format) even harder.

Second, to make the most from a resolution monster like the A7r, requires a rig and discipline that seems contra to the rationale behind a compact body.

Third, if I went with A7r, knowing the shooting discipline needed to exploit its potential, would compromise my shooting experience. Every time I took some cheap and nasty shortcut to getting a shot, I'd have this little voice on my head saying "wait till you see the files, you'll regret that"

Fourth, removal of the AA filter is a mistake.

A7 all the way for me.


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