Olympus EM1 with 12-50mm or 12-40 f2.8 for complete novice?

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Re: Olympus EM1 with 12-50mm or 12-40 f2.8 for complete novice?

NewGirlLiz wrote:

I know that you guys are mostly pros or very serious photographers, so I know that most of you would choose the 12-40 every day of the week - but my question is, do you believe that for ME, the difference between the two lenses is worth the extra bulk, weight and cost? If it is, I'll happily go with the 12-40, but if the difference in quality really won't be obvious at my level, I'd prefer the 12-50.

If it feels too heavy, it will ruin your experience, you will leave the camera in the cabin and grab your compact. I've seen this happen with a lot of people I know.

Go light until you get used to your gear. Then you may either go lighter or heavier down the road. It seems money is not the issue, so get what you want, not what others want for themselves. The 12-40 will always be around if you need it.

Shooting northern lights at 2AM, you won't notice what lens was used. It's the colors, not the sharpness of stars. For travel pix of the mountains and glaciers, the 12-50 would work for me.

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